ULF system, medical technology is a manufacturer of medical and technical solutions for clinics, hospitals, nursing care facilities and doctor's offices. The product range includes medical technical equipment such as infusion stand, hygiene station, trolley, dispensing systems, endoscope storage, storage aid for x-rays, hygiene center, SURGERY, and intensive care needs. 

The medicine technical product portfolio is divided into clear and structured categories. Most of the products are available in various colours, ideal for a Station code. Red, Yellow, Blue, and grey as colors to choose from. In the manufacture of high value is placed on long-lasting and eco-friendly materials such as aluminum and stainless steel, which, despite the intensive use of the products have a high service life. The products thanks to the high-quality surfaces with commercially available disinfectants to clean.

Easy Assembly




High quality



Device car MODULARIS

More flexibility with the use of mobile Function car in a modular design, can be configured individually.


Hygiene Tower

High-quality hygiene columns with automatic information panel, disinfection, dispenser, and brochure holders.


IV Pole

Mobile Infusion Stand and infusion stands made of stainless steel and aluminum, as well as matching accessories.


Hygiene Center

Mobile hygiene center with individualized equipment and features for a hygienic environment.


Disinfection dispenser

Disinfectant dispenser mit individually adjustable bottle holder and pumps-twist protection.


Dispenser Systems

Adjustable and non-adjustable mask and glove dispenser for up to four packs. Or Catheter Dispenser.


Endoscope Storage

Endoscope cabinets for a safe and hygienic, hanging storage of endoscopes.


Endoscope Profile Rails

Endoscope-profile rails and accessories for the subsequent Cabinet installation, wall mounting, or infusion stands.


Devices-Support Systems

Mobile Infusion and systems for operating equipment rack, intensive care units, etc.


Patella Tangential X-ray positioning aid

Storage aid with a built-in cassette holder for standardized Patella Tangential recordings, suitable for the detector plates.


Mobile Drip Stand

Mobile Infusion driving tripods made of stainless steel and aluminum for individual configuration, for example, as a hygiene center or infusion stand.