Dispenser Pump DESILUS

The dosing pump DESILUS is a particularly sustainable design in end-to-end design and stainless steel construction.

In case of non-pumps available in the market, as in the case of supply shortages from occurring, the sterilizable dosing pump DESILUS a supply independence.

By the stainless steel quality and Teflon seals, this metering pump is very durable. Thus, this dosing contributes unity to the conservation of resources and protection of the environment.

In the case of a short payback period, depending on the application, frequency, within a year, a considerable savings potential. Average use of approximately 15-20 bottles p. a disinfection dispenser, and each bottle exchange of regulated pump replacement in 5 years 75-100 dosing pumps made of plastic, respectively, 150-200 pumps a 10-year term.

Extrapolated to a hospital with approximately 300 disinfectant dispensers for everyday use, this represents a considerable resource conservation and, as a result, a high level of financial savings.


Produktdetails von Dosierpumpe DESILUS

Product details
  • Item number: 55001
  • Resource-friendly
  • Eco-friendly
  • High longevity (about 10-15 years)
  • Sustainability
  • High quality, stainless steel
  • The seals are made of Teflon
  • Sterilizable
  • High Savings Potential
  • Paybackdepending on the frequency, within a year
  • Dimensions
  • Weight

Edelstahl-Dosierpumpe DESILUS

The high quality design is only the exchange of the pump hose, which can be replaced in a matter of seconds and only Cents costs. A hose replacement is recommended to Switch to 10-15 bottles, depending on the contamination.

With numerous components of the ULF system medical technology this product can be combined individually and due to the many configuration options, the current requirements for safety and hygiene standards.

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