Gastroscope | Colonoscope Storage

The storage systems for Scopes and Gastroscopes of the ULF system in medical technology allow for the hygienic vertical and closed storage of endoscopes to ensure protection against exposed to contamination.

The endoscope cabinets offer a space-saving solution for Gastroscopes, Scopes and Duodenoskope from different manufacturers or Models. The flexible profile rail system allows for an individual adjustment of the arrangement of the individual elements.

Due to the low installation depth of only 14 cm, these cabinets are ideal for internal Transport in the clinics, hospitals and medical care centres (MCC).

The installation is car device, the customer are available (consult the manufacturer if necessary), as well as device car of the ULF system.

Available In the following colours:


Endoscope Storage Cabinet GKB1W

Item number: 30060

Gastroscope Cabinet for wall mounting. For 1 Gastroscope | Colonoscope | Duodenoscope. With a partial finish, with 2 profile 1 Endoscope rails, mount, 2 trays, 1 Manager and 3 cable protection terminals.


Endoscope Storage Cabinet GKB2W

Item number: 30061

Gastroscope Cabinet for wall mounting. For 2 Gastroscopes | Scopes | Duodenoskope. With side outlet, 4 rails, 2 Endoscope Mounts, 4 Trays, 2 Sheets, 6 Cable Protection Terminals.


Endoscope Storage Cabinet GKB1G

Item number: 30062

Gastroscope-in wardrobe with hangers for device car. For 1 Gastroscope | Colonoscope | Duodenoscope. With side outlet, 2 profile 1 Endoscope rails, mount, 2 trays, 1 leadership, bows, 3 cable protection terminals.


Endoscope Storage Cabinet GKB2G

Item number: 30063

Gastroscope Cabinet with mounting brackets to the device the car. For 2 Scopes | Gastroscopes. With side outlet, 4 rails, 4 trays, 2 endoscope mounts, 2 sheets, 6 cable clamp protection.

Technical data of Gastroscope | Colonoscope Storage Cabinet

Technical Data
  • All the parts with a T-slot profile and plate
  • Material Standard Finish: Aluminum
  • With all-round rubber seal
  • Powder-coated
  • The side top and bottom with Filters
  • Door made of Plexiglas with aluminum handle
  • Lockable
  • Length of profile rails: 160 cm
  • Material Drip Tray: Stainless steel (V2A)
  • Drip tray round, with retaining ring
  • Dimensions tray: 8×6 cm
  • Overall dimensions in 1 endoscope Cabinet: H/T/B 180x14x28 cm
  • The total dimensions of 2, the endoscope Cabinet: H/T/B 180x14x55 cm
  • Weight in 1 endoscope Cabinet: 18 kg
  • Weight at 2 endoscope Cabinet: 31.5 kg