Hygiene Center CENTERHYG

The hygiene centre CENTERHYG is particularly suitable for use in MRSA or norovirus patients and other viral temporary isolation as a preventive measure to reduce
from germ contamination.

The Hygiene Center CENTERHYG has an open System, which includes a glove dispenser, a shelf Board, a small sterile basket, a disinfectant dispenser with drip tray, as well as a Box with a lid for the storage of larger medical utensils.

Through the mobile chassis on wheels with a Hygiene Center CENTERHYG can be placed wherever it is needed. All the items are to an individual working height-adjustable and thus provide an ergonomic advantage.

Available In the following colours:


Technical data of hygiene center CENTERHYG

Hygienecenter Center Handschuhspender
Hygienecenter Center Hygienebox
Technical Data
  • Item number: 54900
  • 1-tripod model "Rondo" 30 mm
  • 1 glove dispenser 3 compartment
  • 1 disinfectant dispenser, 500 ml
  • 1 drip tray with strap
  • 1 sterile basket small
  • 1 Box Mod. Square
  • 1 small table top Meditab with built-in railing

Hygiene Center CENTERHYG

ULF system's medical technology to the Hygiene Center Center on a stable infusion rack, which is quickly on site placeable.

The Hygiene Center CENTERHYG there are automatic or manually operated disinfectant dispenser.

With numerous components of the ULF system medical technology this product can be combined individually and due to the many configuration options, the current requirements for safety and hygiene standards.

High quality

Exclusively from high quality Materials


Safe Working thanks to ergonomic Design


With all commercially available Disinfectant for the medical area clean


The products and the accessories are optional in different colors available (price on request).

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Subject to technical Changes. Slight colour deviations are possible. Warranty 2 Years.

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