Hygiene Center MAXI

The hygiene center MAXI combines all the mandatory measures for hospitals and medical practices, in order to support the Hygiene in everyday life.

The health Center has an open System, which includes a glove dispenser 2-fold (for example, for up to 2 glove boxes), a support plate, a small sterile basket, a disinfectant dispenser with drip tray, and a large sterile basket. Optional disinfectant dispenser, Sensor disinfection dispenser is available.

Through the mobile chassis on wheels with a Hygiene Center can be placed wherever it is needed. All the component are to an individual working height-adjustable and thus provide an ergonomic advantage.

The chassis is colourless anodised (anodic grey). All of the components with the quick release clamps are available in RED, BLUE, YELLOW, GREY (powder coated) can be ordered. Other colours on request.

Product details of hygiene center MAXI

Item number: 54500

Product details
  • Item number: 54500
  • Driving tripod model “Rondo” D 25 mm, 150 cm high
  • Foot case fully encapsulated aluminum, diameter 100mm, bracket, round diameter 25mm, 5-reel D 7.5 cm, 2 of which are braked, electrically conductive
  • Glove dispenser for up to 2 glove boxes
  • Manually operated disinfectant dispenser for 500 ml Euro standard bottle (pump lever long)
  • Drip tray with strap
  • Sterile basket clamp is small, with Quick-release
  • Sterile basket large-scale model of a square with a quick-release clamp
  • Meditab small table top with railing, 25×35 cm