Hygiene Tower


Hygiene pillar OBELISK TRAPEZOIDAL, consisting of aluminum, powder-coated. Good perception and visualization presence due to the Signal-colors and a height of about 160 cm. This requires a high attention value that cannot escape a visitors and the call for implementation of hygiene measures to comply with.

With a built-in automatic Sensor disinfection dispenser with drip tray.

In addition, the hygiene pillar has a stainless steel brochure holder A4 Format.

Both the Disinfection dispenser the brochure holders are supplied with easy click-in adapters, so they can be removed according to demand, and through other component of the ULF system is replaced.

In addition, the reverse with a further prospectus, holders equip in a variety of formats. Thus, the continuous, smooth, uniform surface to the information point for own use or for third-party advertising.

Product details of Hygiene Tower OBELISK TRAPEZ

Item number: 56030

Product details
  • Item number: 56030
  • Housing made of Aluminium, 3 mm thick
  • Sensor disinfection dispenser with
    Drip tray: per battery charge approx. 25000 cycles
  • suitable for common Euro bottles of 500 to 1000 ml
  • Information holder in A5 size, made of acrylic, in the case of delivery on request with AHA-Pictogram
  • Brochure holder A4 stainless steel
  • Trapezfuß : 40×40 x7 cm,
  • Column H. 1,65 m, T8 cm, W 30 cm
  • Weight: 16.5 kg
  • Powder-coated
  • Wide Range Of Accessories
  • Combination possibilities with the MKS series


Hygiene Tower OBELISK TRAPEZ it is available in different colours, powder-coated. Hygiene columns, the OBELISK are perfect both for A-, output -, and waiting areas as well as for positioning in front of each of the spaces that require special hygiene measures. The high-quality processing and execution of the hygiene columns, the OBELISK of Aluminium to ensure longevity and sustainability. The hygiene of the columns are equipped with a sensor dispenser SARA for contactless hand disinfection. The rear wall can be optional with brochure holders in different sizes as advertising or information surface:

• Stable disinfection column made of Aluminium, powder-coated
• Acrylic-information holder in A5 Format
• On request with AHA-Pictogram
• Sensor disinfection dispenser with drip tray,
suitable for standard Euro standard bottles
• Brochure holders in A4 Format
• Rear brackets, with optional Prospectus is also available as an advertising and information area usable

By the construction in aluminum, the series OBELISK is designed for the long term and, thus, conserve resources and, consequently, a contribution to environmental protection.

ULF system hygiene pillars system across clinics, hospitals, REHABILITATION and health centers, medical centers (MVZ), community practices, nursing homes and care facilities can be used.

Due to the particularly high level of design and colors you can achieve with the ULF system hygiene pillars a particularly highly visible presence on the road. The Information to follow the rules of hygiene, we recommend the hygiene pillar by the extension and design of various functional elements.

The user creates the spatial and depending on the situation required design in-house. The series OBELISK is not a rigid, but flexible, dynamic shape to see what makes the individual requirements of the customer at any time to adjust. The columns can be placed in the basic version, or later as a presentation columns. Combination possibilities with the series MKS allow baskets through an intuitive easy-click-System for a fast exchange of the Presentation. In addition, the optional brochure holders inform in different DIN formats on products and events. The back can also be used for third party advertising are used.

With numerous components of the ULF system medical technology this product can be combined individually and due to the many configuration options, the current requirements for safety and hygiene standards.