Hygiene Tower

The hygiene tower of the ULF system, medical technology, are ideal for professional compliance with high hygiene requirements.

Hygiene pillar MONOLITH LED stands out by a high perception of presence. Through the built-in motion sensor, a LED will be activated lettering as well as the side LED strip.

Each of the hygiene pillar has a lockable disinfectant dispenser with drip tray. The model MONOLITH LED is equipped with a touch-free Sensor disinfection dispenser. Optionally, you can also other models with sensor controlled disinfectant dispenser are available.

In addition, you can optionally a mask dispenser for the common mask packs ordered.

To comply with the hygiene measures in the information panel can be drawn from plexiglass better attention, which is supplied with a Pictogram of the 3 major AHA's rules. If necessary, the information panel to customize.

Available In the following colours:

Easy Assembly
High quality

Hygiene Tower


Hygiene Tower MONOLITH LED

Item number: 56010

Approximately 170 cm high. With a built-in motion sensor to control LED information display, LED strip with color changes. With the touch-free disinfection, dispenser. Information panel in A5 Format.



Item number: 56030

Stable hygiene pillar (about 160 cm high) made of aluminum with trapezoid-shaped edges. With the information Board of plexiglass in A4 Format. Lockable disinfectant dispenser with drip tray.



Item number: 56050

Stable hygiene pillar (approx. 150 cm high) made of aluminum with rounded edges. With the information Board of plexiglass in A5 Format. Lockable disinfectant dispenser with drip tray.

Optional accessories for Hygiene Tower

The products and the accessories are optional in different colors available (price on request).

ULF Systems Medizinprodukte in Grau
ULF Systems Medizinprodukte in Grau
ULF Systems Medizinprodukte in Grau
ULF Systems Medizinprodukte in Grau
ULF Systems Medizinprodukte in Grau

All the products are with a wide range of accessories can be configured individually.

Hygiene Tower

Due to the high quality Material in aluminum hygiene pillars of the series, MONOLITH are designed for the long term and, thus, conserve resources and, consequently, a contribution to environmental protection.

The disinfection dispenser is installed in an ergonomic height. The embodiment according to Euro-norm allows for bottles to the use of commercially available 500 ml Disinfectant. To ensure a long service life of the replacement of the pump to the ULF system is Dispenser Pump DESILUS recommended.

The back of the hygiene columns, for example, by Attaching a brochure holders as additional information area or third-party advertising use.

ULF system hygiene pillars system across clinics, hospitals, REHABILITATION and health centers, medical centers (MVZ), practice, hospitals, community practices, nursing homes and care facilities can be used.

The particularly high level of design and Signal-to-colouring can be reached with the ULF system hygiene pillars a visible presence on the road. The Information to follow the rules of hygiene, we recommend the hygiene pillar by the extension and design of various functional elements.

The user creates the spatial and depending on the situation required design in-house.

The series MONOLITH is not a rigid, but flexible, dynamic shape to see what makes the individual requirements of the customer at any time to adjust.

By a present height of the hygiene pillars are an eye-catcher, the even more motivated to comply with hygiene measures.

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