The infusion stand, ELEMENTAL is one of the Standard infusion stands, and is ideal for use as a medical device for the suspension of the infusion bottle and infusion bags in in-patient areas of hospitals, nursing facilities, doctor's offices, veterinary clinics, treatment rooms or outpatient operating rooms.

ELEMENTAL is made of sustainable and durable aluminum and stainless steel and consists of the following elements:

  • Height-adjustable inner tube using a screw height adjustment
  • Height adjustment range of 100 to 205 cm
  • Tube diameter outside tube: 25 mm
  • Tube diameter inner tube: 18 mm
  • With screw-in bottle cross with 4 hooks, load capacity up to 2.5 kg per hook
  • 5-foot frame made of solid aluminum for exceptional stability
  • Seamless Design of the boom for hygienic cleaning
  • With 5 anti rollers static light (with wire protection)
  • Rollers with diameter of 5 cm
  • Roles electrically conductive
  • 2 castors with brake
  • 3 default roles

Options available (under the product details).

Available in RED, BLUE, YELLOW, GRAY (anodized or powder-coated). Other colours on request.

Product details of infusion stands ELEMENTAR

Item number: 60100

Infusionsständer Elementar-flaschenkreuz
Infusionsständer Elementar-fahrgestell
Product details
  • Item number: 60100
    • Height adjustable
    • 5-leg frame
    • 5 reels with 5 cm diameter
    • 2 with the axial and horizontal foot brake, electrically conductive
    • With Wire Protection
    • Housing Metal
    • Lower the stand rod 25 mm in diameter
    • 1 m
    • Overall height 2.05 m undressed
    • Diameter of leg: 80 cm
    • Total weight: 3.6 kg
  • Item number: 60116
    • In Addition, Fußbeschwerung
  • Item number: 60115
    • In addition, with one-handed height adjustment
  • Item number: 60105
    • For Color Impact
  • Item number: 60111
    • With rollers 7.5 cm in diameter