The IV stand INFUSIO with a stable clamping zangenfuß, the highest level of security, since the stand rod sunk about 10 cm deep.

The height adjustment is provided with pull-out lock, and with optimized ergonomics for safe handling and high fixing strength. Safety stop prevents the open height of the fall Through the rod to the floor. Due to the special design of the height adjustment no pressure points on the tripod, tube. Bottle cross with 4 bottle hooks made of stainless steel.

Standard infusion stand for the interdisciplinary area as well as for specialized applications.

Available in RED, BLUE, YELLOW, GREY (powder coated). More powder colors available on request.

Product details of IV stand INFUSIO

Item number 51530: Roll diameter 5 cm

Item number 51544: Roll diameter 7.5 cm

Infusionsständer Infusio-flaschenkreuz
Infusionsständer Infusio-fahrgestell
Product details
  •  Item number: 51530
    • 5-leg frame
    • 5 reels with 5 cm diameter
    • 2 axial and vertical braked electrically conductive, with wire protection, and chromated metal housing
    • Foot mounted with clamps
    • Housing encapsulated
    • Total weight: 5.5 kg.
  • Art.-No. 51544
    • made of stainless steel, 5-reel, 7.5 cm,
    • electr. cond. 2 wheels braked,
    • 4-bottle suspension,
    • Bar: 1.0 m


The IV stand INFUSIO is provided with elaborate collet and provides a high level of security. Ideal for the attachment of various medical Equipment, such as Perfusoren, Infusomaten, etc., The high stability and fully enclosed Casing, an application in different situations.

The very robust design in stainless steel and aluminum to make the IV Pole INFUSIO heavy-duty and can be used in various applications areas. 

With numerous components of the ULF system medical technology this product can be combined individually and due to the many configuration options, the current requirements for safety and hygiene standards.