IV Pole


Production of the infusion stand OPELIUS MAXIMUS made of stainless steel and aluminum for the highest demands on load and sanitation, in SURGERY, intensive care, anesthesia and Oncology.

Foot made of solid stainless steel ensures a high level of stability due to the total weight of 15.5 kg and a load capacity of 35 kg. Thus, a high level of stability is given.

The infusion stand OPELIUS MAXIMUS is highly resilient for specific demanding applications. By particularly complex encapsulation (proximal and distal) to be assured of the highest hygiene requirements. By appropriate design, high stability even under asymmetric load, according to the specified installation of Equipment (Infusomaten, Docking Station, up to 12 devices, Perfusoren, patient-heat pumps and ULF system elements).

Available in anodized red. Other colors available on request.

Product details


Item number: 60000

Infusionsständer Opelius-maximus-flaschenkreuz
Infusionsständer Opelius-maximus-fahrgestell
Product details
  • Item number: 60000
    • 5-leg frame
    • 5 roles with 7.5 cm diameter
    • 2 with the axial foot brake, electrically conductive
    • With Wire Protection
    • Housing Metal
    • Boom Full V2A
    • Lower support rod 30 mm diameter
    • 120 cm high
    • Overall height standard version undressed 230 cm
    • Total weight: 15.5 kg
  • SKU: 60025
    • 1 Opelius Maximus IV Stand
    • 1 DIN rail
    • 1 VARITROLL handle
    • 1 sterile basket W/d/H 30x20x10 cm
    • 1 SECURPOT outlet strip Electric (6-fold) with potential equalisation


The safety infusion stand Opelius Maximus has a high load-bearing capacity, durability, and intuitive handling. These are the most important criteria in the development of the infusion stand by Ulf system medical technology. The Opelius Maximus is made of high quality stainless steel and convinces with its load capacity of up to 35 kg.

With numerous components of the ULF system medical technology this product can be combined individually and due to the many configuration options, the current requirements for safety and hygiene standards.