Catheter Box

The catheter box with the lid of the ULF system medical technology allows for a safe and dust-free storage of suction catheters. The storage container can be, for example, in a care - and the trolley with existing standard rails or on a Standard DIN rail on the wall side 25 x are fixed to 10 mm.

Lightweight and durable construction in Aluminium version. Use in clinics. Doctor's offices, healthcare centres and Rescue cars.

Available In the following colours:


Catheter Box

Item number: 51123

Catheter Aluminium container with divider compartment lid with the dimensions of 67 x 10 x 10 cm.


Catheter Box

Item number: 51133

Catheter Aluminium container with divider compartment lid with the dimensions of 67 x 10 x 16 cm.

Technical data of Catheter Box

Technical Data
  • Lightweight construction through the use of aluminum
  • 2 different Widths (10 cm and 16 cm)
  • 2 different lengths (48 cm and 67 cm) for a variety of catheter lengths
  • Weight: approx. 350 to 500 g, depending on the version.

Catheter Box

According to the urgent recommendation of the RKIs storage of catheters is in closed containers is necessary, in order to protect them both in a dust-free as well as a physical external interference.

ULF system, medical technology, catheter boxes in 2 different Widths with matching brackets for standard rails, emergency trolley, instrument trolley (with existing standard rails).

High quality

Exclusively from high quality Materials


Safe Working thanks to ergonomic Design


With all commercially available Disinfectant for the medical area clean


The products and the accessories are optional in different colors available (price on request).

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Subject to technical Changes. Slight colour deviations are possible. Warranty 2 Years.

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