ULF system, medical technology is a manufacturer of medical and technical solutions for clinics, hospitals, nursing care facilities and doctor's offices. The product range includes medical technical equipment such as infusion stand, hygiene station, trolley, dispensing systems, endoscope storage, storage aid for x-rays, hygiene center, SURGERY, and intensive care needs. 

The medicine technical product portfolio is divided into clear and structured categories. Most of the products are available in various colours, ideal for a Station code. Red, Yellow, Blue, and grey as colors to choose from. In the manufacture of high value is placed on long-lasting and eco-friendly materials such as aluminum and stainless steel, which, despite the intensive use of the products have a high service life. The products thanks to the high-quality surfaces with commercially available disinfectants to clean.


Hygiene station

Mehr Hygiene mithilfe von mobiler Hygienestation in modularer Bauweise, individuell konfigurierbar.


Hygiene Tower

Hochwertige Hygienesäulen mit Desinfektionsspender, Prospekthalter, Informationstafel.


IV Pole

Mobile Infusion Stand and infusion stands and matching accessories.


Hygiene Center

Mobile hygiene center with individualized equipment and features for a hygienic environment.


Disinfection dispenser

Disinfectant dispenser mit individually adjustable bottle holder.


Dispenser Systems

Adjustable and non-adjustable mask and glove dispenser for up to four packs.


Endoscope Storage

Endoscope cabinets for a safe and hygienic, hanging storage of endoscopes.


Device Trolleys

Mobile Cart for the storage and transportation of medical Equipment and devices.


Devices-Support Systems

Mobile Infusion and systems for operating equipment rack, intensive care units, etc.


Patella Tangential Help

Lagerungshilfe mit integriertem Kassettenhalter für standardisierte Patella-Tangential-Aufnahmen, geeignet für Detektorplatten.


Endoscope Profile Rails

Endoskop-Profilschienen sowie Zubehör für nachträglichen Schrankeinbau, Wandbefestigung oder Infusionsstative.


ULF system, medical technology is a leading company for high-quality medical Equipment with headquarters in Germany (Bayern). Whether regional, in Germany or Europe, it is our claim, the customer the highest quality and best Service. The product portfolio of the ULF system medical technology includes, among other things, IV PoleHygiene center, hygiene stations, endoscope cabinets, disinfectant dispenser, Infusion-Tower, and various functional systems for the inter-disciplinary area.

Primary ULF system, medical technology products, made exclusively from high-quality materials (stainless steel and aluminum) are. High load capacity and durability, and intuitive handling are the main criteria in the development of the storage and function elements. The focus of the development in the field of Hygiene began 20 years ago, in close cooperation with Hygiene professionals. Since then, the products are constantly adapted to the latest standards of hygiene and further developed.

A variety of practical accessories such as Small tabletops, Shelves, Disinfectant Dispenser, Sterile goods baskets, filing and fixing systems for stands and rails complements the product range. Furthermore, many of the dispenser systems, such as the adjustable glove and mask dispenser. The dispenser system is suitable for gloves and mouth guard Boxing, surgical caps, disposable aprons, almost all of the commercially available package sizes. With the proven quick-fixing all the accessories to tripods, round tubes and Standard systems-standard rails can be mounted 25 x 10 mm within seconds.

The Infusion Stand in the different designs for the interdisciplinary use and depending on the model, for specialized areas such as SURGERY, intensive care units, anesthesia, Oncology, dialysis suitable.

Primary ULF system products from high-quality materials (stainless steel and aluminum) are. High load capacity and durability, and intuitive handling are the main criteria in the development of our working systems.

According to the recommendation of the Commission for hospital hygiene and infection prevention at the Robert Koch Institute RKI endoscopes are to be kept for the preparation, hanging in a dust-protected endoscope cabinets. To meet these requirements, the Endoscope Storage Cabinet Systems ULF system medical technology since many years in many hospitals and doctor's offices proven. From a large product range of Cabinet systems for the field of endoscopy individually tailored solutions can be in the Form of a space-saving and safe lockable cabinets specifically to your devices such as a bronchoscope, gastroscope, colonoscope, Cystoscope, fiberscope, and TEA-probe can be selected. The endoscope cabinets are suitable for wall mounting or for mounting on the ULF system is the car and the customer on the device side of the existing Device weighing.

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