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The products of the ULF system medical technology are also numerous distribution partners. In the following Overview, you will find a Selection of some of the sales and distribution partnerships.

If you have questions about the individual products or individual requirements, and configuration options, please contact us directly by phone, by E-Mail or by using our contact form.

Everhards Medizinprodukte
SMS Medipool Medizintechnik
Krauth Timmermann Medizintechnik
Medika Medizintechnik
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Hospilux Medizintechnik
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ChiroMed Medizin-Technik
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Products of the ULF system, medical technology

ULF system is one of the leading manufacturers of medical equipment for hospitals, clinics and care facilities. Our hygiene station, health Center, infusion stand, disinfectant dispenser, car device, endoscope Cabinet or glove dispensers can be ordered via our distribution partners.

Many of our solutions by our sales partners in the warehouse immediately available, so that the medical devices can quickly and reliably be supplied. Some of our distribution partners offer for items in stock for a premium, also a Express delivery.

All of our solutions are available in high quality. Both we as a manufacturer as well as the medical technicians of our sales partners in all aspects of medical products and professional advice.

You need a new hygiene station, a new infusion stand, or a device in the car? If we or one of our distribution partners, you can find high-quality products. Matching device colors of your clinic, doctor's office, hospital, or nursing facility, you can order most of the solutions only in a classic grey. There are many different colors to choose from.

You need individual solutions for medical equipment for your hospital, clinic, nursing facility or practice? We will gladly create an individual offer for you. To do this, you can contact us directly by phone or by E-Mail.

You can buy products from this Website directly with us or one of our authorized partners, and benefit from high-quality, durability, intuitive operation and beautiful Design of our medicine technical solutions. You can be highly qualified medical device consultants and medical technicians of our contractual partners or directly from us for advice and benefit from our long years of experience in the field of medical technology.

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