OP Room and Intensive Care Systems

In the operating room, in intensive care or emergency Department quick access to medical devices is important. The placement of the devices to a Central System like mobile support systems of the ULF system provides a quick access to the necessary utensils. Thus, the Clarity of medical care is with this support system is guaranteed.

Due to the vertical arrangement of the individual elements to devices-support systems, this can be a space-saving, without restricting freedom of movement.

Especially with the ULF system of fastening and fixing elements, all of the components of seconds, you can quickly place.

Medical equipment such as Perfusoren, Infusomaten, power strips, masks and glove dispenser, storage, plates, sterile goods baskets, infusion bottle, bar, disinfectant dispensers are tracks by the additional device for support systems safely and clearly arranged.

In version standard early in colourless anodised grey) anodized (available. Optional in RED, BLUE, YELLOW, GREY (powder coated) can be ordered. Other colours on request.

Color choice:

Carmine red (powder coated)

Melon yellow (powder coated)

Signal blue (powder coated)

Silver-grey (powder coated)

Easy Assembly




High quality


OP Room and Intensive Care Systems

Mobile support systems for operating theatres and intensive care units



Item number: 51840

Height rails adjustable heavy duty IV pole with 2 Standard bottle bar with 4 hooks, with multi-tripod frame and with sterile basket with quick-release clamp. Tripod pipe 160 cm.



Item number: 51825

Multi-tripod frame and device carrier system for the installation of medical Equipment, such as pumps, Infusomaten and Perfusoren or functional elements of the ULF system. Stand pipe height 160 cm.



Item number: 51810

Height rails adjustable heavy duty IV pole with 2 Standard with quick-release clamp, and a bottle of bar with 4 hooks. With built-in pull-out infusion rod.



Item number:

Height-adjustable heavy-duty infusion rack rails with 3 Standard, sterile basket and bottle bar with 4 hooks. Tripod pipe 160 cm.



SKU: 60025

Carrying system with an infusion stand. With a bottle of the cross, station wagon-standard rail 25 x 10 mm, Varitroll Ironing, sterile basket and Securpot socket handle. Tripod pipe 140 cm.

Carrier systems for standard rail and wall mounting


Multi-tripod DHV

Item number: 51861

Without integrated infusion rod. Adjustable in both the horizontal and vertical plane.

Device support system for mounting on standard rail and wall plates.


Multi-tripod DHV

Item number: 51859

With built-in pull-out infusion rod. Adjustable in both the horizontal and vertical plane.

With quick-release for cock horizontal and vertical adjustment.


Multi-tripod FIX

Item number: 51860

Only vertical adjustable.

For mounting on standard rail and wall plates. With 2 quick-release locking clamp and Infusion stand. Made of stainless steel, and aluminum.

All the products are with a wide range of accessories can be configured individually.


Handle UNO

Item number: 60021


Handle DUO

Item number: 60022



Item number: 60019



Item number: 60020


Bottle cross

Item number: 51560


Infusion holder 2-fold

Item number: 51562


Infusion holder 4-fold

Item number: 51561


Infusion holder 6-fold

Item number: 51563


Handle VARIO

Item number: 51000


Infusomat-Fork Mount

Item number: 51010


Rooster Bank holder

Item number: 51106


Coat holder

Item number: 51570


Drainage holder FELIX

Artikelnummer: 51100


Urine bag holder URI

Artikelnummer: 51102

OP- und Intensiv-Tragsysteme

Standard rail 40

Item number: 51566

OP- und Intensiv-Tragsysteme

Standard rail 50

Item number: 51567


Square basket XS

Item number: 


Square Basket S

Item number:


About XS basket

Item number:


Square Basket S

Item number:

OP- und Intensiv-Tragsysteme

Sterile Basket LARGE

Artikelnummer: 71265

OP- und Intensiv-Tragsysteme

Sterile basket SMALL

Artikelnummer: 51463

OP- und Intensiv-Tragsysteme


Artikelnummer: 51204

OP- und Intensiv-Tragsysteme


Item number: 51205


Power strip SECURPOT

Item number: 51538


Power strip ION1

Item number: 51536


Power strip ION2

Item number: 51537


Sensor dispenser

Artikelnummer: 51443L

OP- und Intensiv-Tragsysteme

Disinfection dispenser UTE 500

Item number: 52300

OP- und Intensiv-Tragsysteme

Disinfection dispenser UTE 1000

Item number: 52301

OP- und Intensiv-Tragsysteme

Disinfection dispenser RUDES 500

Item number: 52420

OP- und Intensiv-Tragsysteme

Disinfection dispenser RUDES 1000

Item number: 52421


Bottle holder 500

Item number: 52305


Bottle holder 1000

Item number: 52306


Rectangular tray SET

Item number: 54415


Round tray SET

Artikelnummer: 54425

OP- und Intensiv-Tragsysteme

Glove dispenser FLINK VARIO 3-fold

Item number: 51496

OP- und Intensiv-Tragsysteme

Glove dispenser FLINK VARIO 4-fold

Item number: 51484

OP- und Intensiv-Tragsysteme

Glove dispenser FLINK 2-fold

Artikelnummer: 51476

OP- und Intensiv-Tragsysteme

Glove dispenser FLINK 3-fold

Item number: 51477


Waste basket

Item number: 51411

OP- und Intensiv-Tragsysteme

Universal hook

Item number: 51422

OP- und Intensiv-Tragsysteme

Stainless steel rectangular dish

Item number: 51403

OP- und Intensiv-Tragsysteme

Stainless steel ROUND bowl

Item number: 51401


Teleskop- OP- / Patientenabschirmung OPGARD

Auszugslänge 160-260 cm: 60300
Auszugslänge 180-280 cm: 60302
Auszugslänge 200-300 cm: 60303


OP- / Patientenabschirmung OPGARD INF

Artikelnummer: 60301

OP Room and Intensive Care Systems

In the operating room, the Intensive care and emergency stations, there is a lack of space for the spacious placement of all the bulky equipment. For optimal patient care, the use of different medical technology, devices necessary for life. Due to the accurate measurement and fast Intervention of the medical devices must be placed in the immediate patient vicinity. At the same time, non-essential devices must not interfere with the treatment. Because of this additional space is created defect with reduced freedom of movement. The surgical and Intensive careSupport systems ULF system, medical technology, even the smallest niches of use thanks to the mobile and flexible modular design efficiently and provide the proper access to the patient and equipment.

Attached to wall-mounted accessory rails enable the surgical and Intensive care support systems to the patient space flexible positioning of all the necessary monitoring equipment. The stable design of the support systems can be adapted to individual requirements. A standard of the support systems for one or two vertical infusion stands rail fixed, for example. The angled and height-adjustable infusion holder support systems guarantee a quick and simple hang the infusion bag, without including attached devices from being damaged by moisture and humidity.

With the optional accessories for carrier systems, multiple device can be attached to the rails to Carry additional medical equipment such as monitors, keyboards, infusion pumps, measuring instruments, hooks, drawer systems, and storage plate for patient records. The device carrier systems can be extended individually and therefore provide an orderly, transparent and secure attachment of various devices for the care of the patient. By Attaching additional rails for accessories such as Sterile goods baskets, Infusion stands with bottle cross or bottle of beam space-saving with vertical support systems of the ULF system of medical technology at the end of work areas.

An exchange between the various support systems and its accessories across rooms, between, for example, operating rooms or intensive care units, is possible. All of the device comply with carrier systems, the requirements of the hospital hygiene. The product surface can be treated with all the usual cleaning agents and disinfectants. The vertical Support systems ULF system, medical technology, and in a comfortable standing disinfect.