Patella Tangential X-ray positioning aid

For the settings of the conventional radiographs of the Patella Tangential an exact positioning of the patient is desirable. Depending on the requirement profile pictures can be after the parade, with different degrees of angle (45 or 60 degree standard storage) is created.

A-axis-oriented storage at the Patella tangential recordings (PTA) plays an important role for accurate and meaningful results. Axis of the leg should be straight, because a different storage of the Patella causes a Verprojezierung of the recording. Essential for proper storage of the prevention of muscular responses and, consequently, possible incorrect storage, what to avoid is.

ULF system, medical technology, offers a Patella Tangential Storage with a built-in cassette holder, which meets all the requirements of a proper Patella tangential recording. In addition, other x-rays-special recording storage help realize, for example, knee shots to the side, lower leg plaster shots, etc.

Patella Tangential storage assistance (PTA tripod) is in the color Yellow can be ordered.


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Patella Tangential X-ray positioning aid


Patella Tangential storage aid STD

Item number: 20100

Storage aid for Patella tangential recordings in standard version as a Complete Set with Cassette holder and gonadal apron.

Patella Tangential Lagerungshilfe DIG

Patella Tangential storage help DIG

Item number: 20125

Storage aid for Patella tangential recordings as a Complete Set with Cassette holder for digital detector plates and gonadal apron.

Product details of Patella Tangential X-ray positioning aid

Product details
  • Recordings PA and AP
  • Recordings, lateral and medial
  • Shots caudal-cranial
  • Digital cassette holder cassette size from 13 x 18 cm up to 35 x 43 cm
  • Height up to the knee roll: 30 cm
  • Total length: 54 cm
  • Overall width: 42 cm
  • Weight: 4.5 kg

Accessories for Patella Tangential X-ray positioning aid

The products and the accessories are optional in different colors available (price on request).

All the products are with a wide range of accessories can be configured individually.

Subject to technical Changes. Slight colour deviations are possible. Warranty 2 Years.


Gonadal apron

  • Item number: 20101
  • Lead Is Equal To Value: 1.0 Pb
  • Washable, disinfectable
  • With metal pipe for hanging
  • Ideal anatomical adaptation

Cassette holder STD

Item number: 20102


Cassette Holder Conventionally

  • Item number: 20120
  • For x-ray cassettes from 13 x 18 cm to 24 x 30
  • Cassette Edition-Thigh:
  • For PTA-tripods

Foam Roller Set

  • Item number: 20105
  • Made Of Polyurethane
  • Closed Surface
  • Disinfected
  • With Their Aluminum Core Design
  • Consisting of 4 units