Dispenser Systems

ULF system, medical technology, dispenser systems for the recording of various packaging for disposable products such as medical gloves, protective masks, surgical caps, and catheter.

Suitable for mounting on the wall side, on a DIN rail or on an IV pole and Infusion stand. All donor systems are either preset or adjustable sizes. The glove dispenser is suitable, depending upon the model, for up to four packs.

In the catheter boxes with lids catheter can be kept hygienic. The closed for Utility ensures Hygiene and safety and is easy to clean. The Utility is only suitable for fixing to the DIN rails.

Available In the following colours:

Easy Assembly
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Dispenser Systems


OP-hoods and mask dispenser RAPID

Both in the width and depth adjustable OP-hoods and mask dispenser is made of aluminum (optional stainless steel) for up to 3 packs, also square. For wall mounting, infusion stands and rails.


Glove Dispenser FLINK VARIO

In the width-adjustable glove dispenser is made of aluminum (also available in stainless steel) for up to 4 glove packs. Suitable for wall mounting to tripods to infusion stands, and standard 25 x rails 10 mm.


Glove Dispenser FLINK

Glove dispenser without adjustment Aluminium (also available in stainless steel), depending on the model, up to 4 glove packs. Suitable for wall mounting, tripod, infusion stand, standard 25 x rails 10 mm.


Catheter Box

Catheter box aluminum with lid in 2 versions, 67 cm long, 10 cm deep and 10 cm wide and 2-chamber System 16 cm wide. Mounting on standard rails 25 x 10 mm.

Optional accessories for dispensing systems

The products and the accessories are optional in different colors available (price on request).

ULF Systems Medizinprodukte in Grau
ULF Systems Medizinprodukte in Grau
ULF Systems Medizinprodukte in Grau
ULF Systems Medizinprodukte in Grau
ULF Systems Medizinprodukte in Grau

All the products are with a wide range of accessories can be configured individually.


Stainless Steel Version

Item number: 51487

For Glove Dispenser


Dispenser Systems

The dispenser systems belong to the basic equipment of every hospital and Medical center. They enable a space-saving and hygienic storage, packaging, medical disposable gloves, surgical caps, masks and catheter in clinics, doctor's offices or health care facilities. Due to the variety of pack sizes, our donors are on certain models, called VARIO adjustable available to ensure adaptation to different packs. There are up to four glove and mask boxes can be placed in a hygienic way. In adjustable Glove dispensers can also be glove packs used in a variety of sizes. The OP-hoods and mask dispenser is RAPID, allows adjustment both in width and in depth.

The dispensers are made of aluminum, powder coated in 5 different colors available. The cleaning is carried out with the commercially available disinfectants. Also optionally available in stainless steel. The fixing is on the wall side, to a standard rail 25 x 10 mm or by means of the ULF system, medical technology, quick-release clamp on a tripod Infusion.

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