ULF Systems, medical technology

The company ULF system medical technology offers more than a smart solution. With its innovative Products it is one of the leading manufacturers of the medicine technical solutions to a variety of customer demands.

Our customers include clinics, hospitals, community clinics, health care centres (MCC), power supply centers (TOC), nursing care facilities, Doctors, and medical technology built-in Trade partnerLearn more about ULF system medical technology.


Philosophy and guiding principles

ULF system, medical technology

Both for the company as well as for the company it is important for us to create long-term sustainable value. These are the Foundation our Actions reflect our Beliefs. The corporate philosophy of the ULF system medical technology consists of six strategy-pillars.



See, observe, visually intuitive applications to register or relationships in Detail. New ideas by Watching win.

In the development and manufacture of the exact observation of processes in advance is one of the ingredients of success.


Customer orientation

We listen to our customers. On a variety of practical experiences of our findings and further developments are based.

Many of the suggestions resulting from the customer dialogue. The customers take it seriously means to listen in to experience exactly.



New ways to go – worn paths leave. Innovation is one of the skills of our employees on site.

An Innovation not only in creativity and design. We develop a number of innovative solutions to meet the current needs.



Quick responses, quick to React to changing situations.

Answers on cost-Benefit analysis, process optimization, answers about the possible risks. The fast-paced time due to it that our customers get a fast response to a question or a technical solution.



The wishes of the customer, the requirements or structures are subjected to permanent Changes.

To its own structures, changing, dynamic markets, is a significant key. To set breakpoints, product areas, and developments to define.



Our goal is to create for our customers products to meet the ergonomic requirements of the handling optimally.

How the us developed and designed fastening clamp. Physically, it is one of the fastest methods to fix products within seconds of a round tube.


ULF Systems, medical technology

The company ULF system medical technology offers comprehensive solutions in the healthcare sector. The product range includes, among other things, hygiene stations, hygiene center, mobile infusion stand, endoscope cabinets or sanitizer dispenser. This can, for example, our device car mount.

Through a close dialogue with our customers, we have recognized that, depending on the requirements, a variety of configuration possibilities make everyday life easier. Thus, the customers choose between different colors, different designs, or special functions, which can be ordered for each product individually.

Advantages of our products


In the case of the ULF system medical technology Innovation plays a crucial role. Thanks to the close cooperation with hospitals, care facilities and physician practices, our solutions are demand-oriented and innovative.


All of our products are easily constructed in the design, and thus intuitive to use. In just seconds, attachment of accessories to round pipes, rails, or the device is self-explanatory.


ULF system sees it in its corporate responsibility to operate in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable. In addition to the long life of the products, we pay attention to the optimization of all processes.


High-quality materials such as stainless steel and aluminum ensure the longevity and stability of our products. Constantly-and-replace, renew was yesterday.