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More than a smart solution.

ULF Systems

Manufacturers Of Medical Technology

ULF Systems ist einer der führenden Medizintechnik-Hersteller von innovativen und intuitiven medizintechnischen Lösungen. Dabei setzen wir nebem intelligentem Produktdesign auf Nachhaltigkeit bei allen unseren Produkten.



The medical technology manufacturer ULF system offers a comprehensive range of sustainable products made of stainless steel and aluminum for hospitals, doctor's offices, medical supply centres (MCC), or nursing care facilities.


IV Pole

Mobile Infusion Stand as well as matching accessories.


Hygiene Center

Mobile Hygiene center in a modular design.


Hygiene Tower

Hygiene and information columns with disinfectant dispenser.



More flexibility with the use of mobile Function weighing in modular design.


Dispenser Systems

Adjustable and non-adjustable mask and glove dispenser for up to four packs. 


Disinfection dispenser

Disinfectant dispenser mit adjustable bottle holder for standard bottles.

ULF system medical technology manufacturer

The requirements for the hospital and nursing staff are subject to dynamic changes, which require a fast handling and an intuitive use of medical products. In addition, the staff is in-ceiling, in many hospitals and care facilities to be thinned. ULF system as a medical device manufacturer has set itself the goal to make life easier in the medical field with the high-quality and innovative, applicable medicine technical solutions and to relieve. Our customers benefit from a long-standing experience and the longevity of our products.

In the process, ULF system makes a contribution for a better world. Our Vision is for a stronger promotion of sustainability, and a conscientious handling of resources in the medicine technical environment. In our work, we set without compromising on the highest quality and customer trust. Sustainable, recyclable materials such as stainless steel and Aluminium for our company in the field of medical technology-based standards. The ULF system is completely on the cheap and disposable products.

As a dynamic and flexible company, you can way in a short communication, a comprehensive inventory and fast response times to leave. Many years of experience in direct customer dialog and unspent desire for Innovation low reflected in our product developments. Through an open and individual advice to our customers, we achieve the best results – our employees place in each job to a high value to your satisfaction.

With the production of the medicine technical Accessories how mobile cabinets hygiene center, infusion stand, Endoscope, adjustable Mouth guard and glove dispenser, etc. we adapt to the needs of the users everyday life in the clinics. ULF system, systems, and accessories make everyday life easier through their special design. You can rely on quality Made in Germany.

Since the establishment of the ULF system manufacturers of medical technology belongs to the businesses for expert solutions and high quality equipment from hospitals, hospital rooms, operating rooms, outpatient clinics, community clinics, physician practices, medical centers (MVZ), integrated care centers (TOC), and nursing care facilities.