Hygiene Tower OBELISK LED

Durch einen Bewegungssensor schaltet sich eine LED-Anzeige mit dem Schriftzug “Bitte Hände desinfizieren” ein. Der Informationsinhalt der LED-Anzeige kann auf Kundenwunsch individuell angepasst werden. Die visuelle Hygiene-Aufforderung wird durch das gleichzeitige Einschalten der farbigen LED-Streifen unterstützt. Die hohe Visualisierung-Präsenz sorgt schon aus ca. 6 Meter Entfernung für die nötige Aufmerksamkeit und damit verbunden die Aufforderung die notwendigen Hygienemaßnahmen einzuhalten. Am höchsten Punkt befindet sich der Sensor für die Wahrnehmung einer sich nähernden Person.

The sensor controlled disinfectant dispenser is arranged in a more ergonomic height.

In the upper area of an information Board in the A5 Format is located on a par. By default, this is supplied with a hygiene pictogram with 3 AHA's rules. The information panel can be designed by customer according to their own requirements.

The large-scale, freely usable back of the hygiene pillar OBELISK-in LED can be used for third-party advertising. In addition, up to 4 brochure holder boxes from plexiglass mounting and for more information, depending on the thematic requirement to use.

Product details of Hygiene Tower OBELISK LED

Item number: 56010

Product details
  • Item number: 56010
  • Housing made of Aluminium, 3 mm thick
  • Built-in motion sensor, capturing up to 6 meters distance for activation of lights and light bars
  • Shut-off after about 20 seconds
  • Built-in W-LAN
  • Text can be set individually
  • The light color of the side of the LED strip adjustable
  • Flexibility in the place of installation by
    built-in battery with long service life
  • Battery charger 12 V with cable
  • Sensor disinfection dispenser with
    Drip tray, per battery charge approx. 25000 cycles
  • suitable for common Euro bottles of
    500 to 1000 ml
  • Information holder in A5 size, made of acrylic, in the case of delivery on request with AHA-Pictogram
  • Trapezfuß: 40×40 x7 cm
  • Column H. 1,65 m, T8 cm, W 30 cm
  • Weight: 17 kg
  • Powder-coated

Hygiene Tower OBELISK LED

Hygiene pillar OBELISK LED impresses both by height, as well as Signal colors to be from the Wide, of persons perceived.

The hygiene pillar has a built-in battery. The fully charged battery lasts, depending on the frequency of numbers up to a week. Charge of the hygiene pillar is to be carried out by a network cable.

In addition, the visualization presence is supported by a LED information lettering with the appropriate Text and side-mounted light bar. This additional information signals to be controlled at the highest point of the hygiene pillar befindlichem motion sensor.

The Hygiene Tower OBELISK LED is completely made of aluminum and therefore for a long-term use is provided.

If necessary, the hygiene column can be umgepulvert even after years, or even with other functional elements and the ULF system products are provided. This expansion capability makes these hygiene pillar to a functional carrier of information in order to make these for different areas of application.

The columns, the OBELISK can be placed in the basic version, or later as a presentation columns. Combination possibilities with the series MKS allow baskets through an intuitive easy-click-System for a fast exchange of the Presentation. In addition, the optional brochure holders inform in different DIN formats
about products and events. The back can also be used for third party advertising are used.

All these measures ensure a very high level of attention and consequently to be implemented hygiene measures.

With numerous components of the ULF system medical technology this product can be combined individually and due to the many configuration options, the current requirements for safety and hygiene standards.